Sunday, 15 November 2020

Mixed Media Collage... SEA

It's the 15th of the month, yes again!! The months are flying by so fast, maybe it's my age? They say that time  goes quicker the older you get. 
Anyway, a new challenge launched today over on the Bleeding Art blog & it's time to reveal my DT piece!

The base for this piece is a canvas covered board, it was a painting in a former life, but it got badly marked when coffee got spilled on it. Rather than throw it away, I gave it a couple of coats of gesso & I had a blank canvas again. 

Next, I painted the surface with 3 shades of blue, using the 'wet on wet' technique, to do this I selected the darkest shade first & painted the whole surface, while still wet, using the next shade down I painted a few areas, blending the paint as I put it on & did the same with the third colour. Moving the paint around giving a mottled effect. Next, began adding colour to the large seahorse, using acrylic paint & waxes, when happy I adhered it to the base & gathered the embellishments together.


I placed the cogs in place first, then added little stones & gauze in random areas, then painted them blue. When dry I started to build the colour up, don't worry to much at the moment, you can touch it up later!
now it's time to add all the extras. I have used seashells, faux pearls, charms, gems, glitter & resins. I found some lovely wooden alphabet tiles, so used them for the title, they were very dark, so treated them to a bit of golden wax to give them some interest.


At this point I tend to take a photo & walk away from it, for a while. I do this so that I can look at it through the photo & for some reason I see clearer on there where things stand out of need touching up or blending. Daft, I know, but that's just how I work especially when using lots of colour.


When I looked at the photo online, the letter tiles, stood out to bold, so I added the tiniest bit of blue & pink wax, just to balance it out. I also noticed that the cogs didn't stand out, so I dapped some of the same gold wax, just on the tips of each one & a little to the edges of the board too.


I coloured & added the 2 smaller resin seahorses, some shells to form the back fin of the large seahorse & I was done!


I hope you like my little canvas, it was fun to make, even if it was a bit out of my comfort zone. Please join in with the Bleeding Art challenge, it is a mixed media challenge & always 'Anything Goes' so no restraints. There is always a lovely prize on offer as well as the lovely winner badge to display on your social media page.

Thanks for visiting my blog, please leave me a comment. Take care & stay safe Jane x

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